Waterfall Installation by Oregon Landscape

A well-designed waterfall can completely transform a landscape, adding a touch of elegance and serenity. A waterfall can create a popular area of your landscape for rest, socializing or watching wildlife.

Oregon Landscape creates stunning outdoor spaces that seamlessly blend nature with artistic design. We have transformed countless properties into havens of tranquility and beauty through waterfall installation in the landscape.

A waterfall can provide countless benefits including:

  • Adds a peaceful ambiance and can help you relax
  • Waterfalls attract birds, butterflies, and other wildlife to your yard.
  • Adds to the ecosystem a place for water-loving plants
  • Can help improve the air quality with negative ions
  • Increases your property value

Waterfall Design and Installation

Waterfalls are a popular water feature in the Portland, OR area. Our waterfall design and installation process will provide a finished project you will love.

We will analyze the site to understand the land, water, and existing features. This will help us find the best spot and size for the waterfall. Next, the team will create a plan and design proposal with cost estimates and a project timeline.

The Oregon Landscape team utilizes modern equipment and techniques to create a sturdy and visually appealing foundation for the waterfall. Additionally, we design our waterfalls to seamlessly blend in with your landscape. We pay careful attention to incorporate existing vegetation and rocks into the design to create an authentic and more natural appearance.

Waterfalls can be small and pondless to larger while cascading into a pond. Stone waterfalls can incorporate large boulders or river rock.

After setting up the waterfall, we enhance it with rocks, plants, and lighting to create a stunning centerpiece for your yard.

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