outdoor lighting of a fountain with plants and patio pavers

Outdoor Lighting

Having the ability to enjoy your landscape after dark can be accomplished through the careful planning and installation of outdoor lighting. Illuminating key features of your architecture and landscape, blending light and shadows, produces a unique nightscape that can be entirely different than what is visible during daylight hours. The addition of night lighting creates safety and an outdoor ambiance that expands your ability to entertain long after the sun goes down.

Oregon Landscape uses high-quality fixtures, materials, and supplies that meet industry standards and all safety regulations. Our services include landscape lighting, walkway lights, security lights, spotlights, path lights, and up-lighting for trees or features on your property. We also provide service upgrades for existing systems that need repairs or replacement components. We take the time to discuss each project with our customers to make sure the best solution is found for their unique situation.

Whether you’re looking for a simple setup or an extensive design layout with multiple fixtures around your property, we will work with you to come up with a creative design that fits your budget.

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