curved retaining wall with plants

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are most commonly used when there are sloped grades on a property.  A retaining wall installation allows us to create flat, usable space in an otherwise unusable area. A retaining wall adds depth while following the natural slopes of your landscape and is a practical way to create a level, usable space.

Benefits Of Retaining Walls:
– Control soil erosion by preventing runoff from entering neighboring properties.
– Provide stability to prevent slope failure.
– Help improve drainage in an area with too much water or too little
– Provide additional seating by creating a seat wall.
– Add a unique design element to any landscape project.

Types Of Retaining Walls We Install:

– Stone Walls – natural stone walls are long-lasting and durable, with no maintenance required after installation. They can also add a unique look to any outdoor space.

– Concrete Block Walls are cost-effective, low-maintenance options for residential and commercial projects. They come in many colors and sizes to fit any design scheme.

– Timber Walls – wood is another easy option to install and repair when needed. The beauty of wood can provide an elegant backdrop for gardens or seating areas. 

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